5 Important Things That Could Be stop your Weight Loss

5 Things That Could Be stop your Weight Loss

It could be very frustrating when despite following all the rules and sticking to your diet; you are unable to lose weight and thinking of booking an appointment with a top dietician in Lahore. At the core of it, weight fluctuations are a result of calorie deficit and calorie surplus, and you may unknowingly be running a calorie surplus. Here are a few things that might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts:

You Don’t Eat Healthy Foods In Moderation

If you have given up on processed, fried, and sugary foods, it is commendable but that doesn’t mean you have earned yourself a free ticket to eat as much of the healthy foods as you want. Some healthy foods that people tend to over-consume include olive oil, nuts, seeds, granola, smoothies, juices, hummus, avocado, and cheese. Make sure you always exercise portion control and limit your intake of calorie-dense foods such as nuts.

You Obsess Over Your Diet

While it makes sense to have a healthy diet, you need to be practical and reasonable. Cutting out dairy, gluten, and fish in the absence of any health condition such as the celiac disease doesn’t make much sense. When you follow food fads even when you do not have any food intolerances, you restrict yourself for no reason. This obsession might sabotage your weight loss efforts in the long term.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Some studies have found out that inadequate sleep can lead to a higher body mass index and increased appetite. Moreover, if you are sleep deprived, you may reach out for a sugary drink or snack to make yourself feel more awake. The temporary rise and the eventual dip in energy levels may cause you to skip the gym and order unhealthy food for dinner. Basically, when you wake up tired, you pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. That’s why it is crucial that you get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

You Don’t Exercise

While it’s true that a calorie deficit is what you really need to lose weight, it certainly doesn’t mean that just reducing your calorie intake would be enough. Exercise enhances hormonal functions and improves hormonal sensitivity, which can help with fat loss. Moreover, exercise will help with fat burning and help you accumulate more lean mass.

Underestimating Calorie Intake

Just like how underweight people tend to overestimate their calorie intake, overweight people tend to do the reverse. You need to keep track of your calories and not just eyeball it. When you take a rough estimate, you are bound to miscalculate everything.

If you are unable to lose weight despite your best efforts, contact your health care provider or consult a dietician.

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